• Wicked Scoops™ Solstice Advent Calendar


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    🌟 Unveiling the Wicked Scoops™ Winter Solstice Advent Calendar, a tapestry of enchantment delicately strung on two divine hemp cords! 🌟

    Each day, journey into the realms of magic and mystique as you delicately unravel a beautifully adorned paper bag, suspended on ethereal hemp cords. Designed with exquisite craftsmanship, these artfully decorated bags hold the secrets and treasures awaiting your discovery.

    🌿 Within each adorned paper bag, find meticulously selected witchcraft herbs resonating with the energies of the winter solstice.
    🔮 Awaken your inner sorcerer with empowering spells and enchantments crafted for this celestial season.
    💎 Uncover mesmerizing crystals, carefully chosen for their potent vibrations and mystical allure.
    🌅 Explore solstice-related cards, brimming with ancient wisdom and celestial connections.
    🧙‍♀️ Revel in a collection of metal charms, perfect for crafting charming talismans or adorning a unique bracelet.

    And much, much more!

    Individually crafted by the skilled hands at Julie's Cauldron, these adorned paper bags suspended on hemp cords invite you into a realm of wonder and spiritual awakening.

    Available for presale now, let the countdown to the solstice begin in a tapestry of magic and elegance! Only $39.99 for an immersive experience that dances between realms and unites you with the enchanting powers of the winter solstice.

    Elevate your winter solstice journey—secure your Wicked Scoops™ Winter Solstice Advent Calendar and enchant each day with mystical revelations! ✨🎁🌌