The Witch behind the Cauldron  


    Julie's Cauldron is owned and operated by me, Juelz Cullen. Each creation is carefully thought out with our customers in mind. Not only do I make handcrafted treasures, we are also working toward building a barn to house my shop in the future. The property is going to be cleared as well, to offer a new wedding/event venue. I am an ordained minister and 1st degree high preistess. The plans for the space outside are magical!
I have three children, six including our cats Bradley, Poseidon and Marley. My oldest is beautiful Miss Kayla. My middle child is our handsome Liam and my littlest is angel faced Madilyn.

 Our physical store is amazing. Not only does the energies of our customers feed the shop, the shop also feeds our customers. We pride ourselves on the atmosphere that you will encounter when coming to our store. I have such a huge support system that I have had many contributors volunteering their time and effort to make our amazing occult store what it is today. Forever Evolving. 

If you have something in mind you think we would be up for making, please ask! If we can't, we will be completely up front about it.
Also, if there is something on the shop site you cannot afford monetarily, but have something useful to barter, please contact us. Thanks!

Please check back frequently to check for new, unique, one of a kind items assembled right here in the amazing United States of America. Our passion is bringing beauty into this world one product at a time.
If you have any questions please hit the “Contact Us" link.
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