Wicked Scoops™


You get random witchcraft supplies that are more on the wicked side. When purchasing Plinks chips, select amount of chips you'd like and add to just one scoop. If you'd like more than one scoop, you can add those after you add the single scoop with desired amount of Plinks chips to your cart. Otherwise, it will charge you multiple times for the chips per scoop. 

Your scoop will be fulfilled live on the next event. Some items you may find in your scoops:


Slain Serial Killer Grave Dirt- Hexing/Defense magic 

First Burial Grave-Any bidding 

Three Way Crossroad Cemetery Dirt-Remove Blockages from path/Help find path/Make decisions/Working with Hekate 

Suicide Grave Dirt- Hexing/Defense magic/Heal someone who has these types of thoughts


Pet Grave-Protection/Loyalty/Help heal pets 

Cemetery Entrance-Protection against cemetery attchments/Working with the dead

Infant- Bring joy/Youthfulness/New beginnings/Fertility (baby or idea)


Mugwort-To boost your witchcraft abilities/Divination/Safe travel

Wormwood-Opening communications with spirits/Ancestor work

Rose- Self love/Empowerment/Love drawing


Basil-Money/Ptotect home from evil/Protection


Patchouli-Money/Love drawing/Unhexing

Yarrow-Spiritual cleansing/Bravery/Dream divination

Eucalyptus-Spiritual cleansing/Protect from hexes/Wards off evil

Hyssop-Home blessings

Orange Peel-Love drawing/Bring happiness back to marriage

Lemon-Success/Cleansing/Reflect Evil Eye back to sender

White Clover- Protect from evil

Sweet Pea(Cemetery)-Blissful pleasure

Sandalwood-Add power to incenses/Wish making/Happiness in home/Safety



Frankincense- Spiritual Rituals/Archangel Michael/


Dragon's Blood-Luck ni love & money/Ward off evil/Boosts all intentions


Coyote-Protection/Defense magic

Shark Teeth- To go headstrong into new projects/Defense magic


Buffalo Teeth-Abundance/Aids in manifesting

Mink- Bring mischief 

Deer-Ancestor work/Artemis/Gentleness

Alligator Feet-Good luck especially in gambling/Use as a vessel representing a hand, bind a charm to it

Chicken Feet- To expose truth/Use as a vessel representing a hand, bind a charm to it

Other Misc. Items

Bells-You can make witch bells for your home(or to sell).

Stickers-Use in grimoire or in spells

Worry dolls-Give them your worry, sleep with it under your pillow, worry will be less. Carry them on you, put in bag, put on altar, burn or bury. Can also be used as a mini voodoo doll.

Crystals-Chips & Tumbles

Charms-Can be used on charm bags, made into jewelry, get creative!


Spell Scrolls 


Charcoal Discs- Burn loose incense 

Tealights- To do candle magic

Items in the cauldron are always changing! This list will grow constantly!