Scoops From the Crypt™


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On the 13th of the month, Scoops from the Crypt is done. All items in the cauldron (Lucretia Coffin is the cauldrons name) are harvested by Juelz at her local cemeteries. Whether it's plants, tree products or dirts, they all have come from the cemetery. Eventually, bones will be added to keep with the theme. 


Slain Serial Killer Grave Dirt- Hexing/Defense magic 

First Burial Grave-Any bidding 

Three Way Crossroad Cemetery Dirt-Remove Blockages from path/Help find path/Make decisions/Working with Hekate 

Suicide Grave Dirt- Hexing/Defense magic/Heal someone who has these types of thoughts


Pet Grave-Protection/Loyalty/Help heal pets 

Cemetery Entrance-Protection against cemetery attchments/Working with the dead

Infant- Bring joy/Youthfulness/New beginnings/Fertility (baby or idea)


Sweet Pea-Blissful pleasure

Fern-Protection especially against cemetery attachments 

Oak-To make working strong like the Oak. Workings with Hekate. Cursing.

Misc. Items

Flat Stones-Make into divination stones, especially helpful when gathering dirts.

Items in the cauldron are always changing! This list will grow constantly!