• New Moon Ritual Box


    This box goes along with my monthly New Moon Wish Burning Ritual I do Live on facebook. It has the exact herbs I use. Each month, there will be 5 herbs that always stay the same and then there will be 3 herbs that change depending on what the next New Moon will promote for us. Here is what is included in each Box:

    -2ml corked bottle with my alcohol/essential oil mixture I use to help the wishes burn

    -1 piece of Organic Parchment paper fo you wish

    -1 Crystal (Changes each month) First box being made will have Clear Quartz

    -1 tsp of each each for your wish promoting herbs. The 5 that will never change are:





        *Bay Leaves

    -1 Charcoal Tablet

    For this spell, you will need a fireproof vessel to burn your wish in. You will also need another vessel to burn the charcoal tablet and loose herbs. If you have nothing for the charcoal tablet, you can use tin foil with a pot holder under it...where there's a will, there's a way!