Beginning Witchcraft Full Course

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Beginning Witchcraft Course Modules

**Module 1: Skimming the Top

**Module 2: Altars**

**Module 3: Tools & Ingredients**

**Module 4: Psychic Development**

**Module 5: Divination Techniques**

**Module 6: Wheel of the Year**

**Module 7: Deities-Who is for you?**

**Module 8: Creating & Finding Spells**

**Module 9: Doing Real Rituals**

**Module 10: How to stay a motivated Witch**

Course Objective:

To help beginners start their journey in finding their spiritual path, to give a refresher course to witches who have been gone from the craft for too long to remember. It gives a general summary of many different witchcraft topics that should spark a feeling within you to help you decide where to start your path. Once you start on your journey, sometimes it’s difficult to keep the witchcrafting active. This course will also give you ways to incorporate magick in your everyday life. 

Each module will have downloadable  PDFs, videos and checklists to help assist all types of students. 

Once you are done with this course, please review it!

Welcome to the  Beginning Witchcraft Course!

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