Witchy High Tea- One Year Membership


Want to make it to all the Witchy High Tea events? Snag yourself a year membership that will allow you to attend each High Tea PLUS Save $150!! Here are the next 12 month's themes:

September 8th 2019- Marie Laveau

October 13th 2019- Ancestors, Samhain

November 10th 2019- Hekate, Queen of the Crossroads

December 8th 2019- Yule, Winter Solstice

January 19th, 2020- Edgar Allan Poe

February 9th 2020-Aphrodite

March 8th, 2020-Full Super Moon Luck & Prosperity

April 12th, 2020- All things of Spring Equinox

May 10th 2020- Beltane Gypsy

June 21st 2020- Lavender Summer Solstice

July 12th 2020- A Midsummer Night's Dream

August 9th 2020- Lughnasadh (Lammas)

September 13th 2020- Autumn Harvest

Join us in making Witch High Tea memories!