Wicked High Tea Oct 15 2-4pm Hallowe'en and Ancestors

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Get ready for a spook-tacular time at Julie's Cauldron on October 15th, 2023 for a Hallowe'en and Ancestors Wicked High Tea! For only $50 per person, you'll have the opportunity to decorate your own witch hat with all the supplies provided, and take part in a tea leaf (tasseomancy) reading ritual.

After the ritual, indulge in sweet snacks and mini sandwiches, all specially crafted to fit the wickedly fun theme of the event. And as an extra treat, each guest will receive a gift bag filled with items related to the theme, making it a celebration you won't forget!

We're thrilled to be bringing back our popular Wicked High Tea events, formerly known as Witchy High Tea, which we last held in 2019. So, come out and join us as we pay tribute to Hallowe'en and our ancestors in style. See you there!

List of Wicked High Teas: July 9th 2023 4-6pm Midsummer Night's Tea August 20th 2023 2-4pm Tea & Tarot September 10th 2023 2-4pm Celebrate Juelz turning a new level! Birthday Wicked High Tea October 15th 2023 2-4pm Hallowe'en & Ancestors November 12th 2023 2-4pm Getting ready for Hekate's Night on November 16th If These sell out quickly, we will add another date to each month. Thank you!