Wicked High Tea June 4th 2-4pm Full Moon

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Formerly known as Witchy High Tea, the Wicked High Tea at Julie's Cauldron is a delightful event for those who love all things witchy and magical. Scheduled for June 4th, 2023, this Full Moon Wicked High Tea promises to be a memorable experience. For a fee of $50 per person, attendees will have the opportunity to decorate a witch hat with all supplies provided.

The event also includes a unique tea leaf reading ritual led by the renowned Kat Taormina, a skilled practitioner of tasseomancy. Guests will have the chance to explore the mysteries of divination and receive insights into their past, present, and future through the symbolism of tea leaves.

After the tea leaf reading, attendees can indulge in a scrumptious spread of sweet snacks and mini sandwiches. All refreshments will be carefully crafted to fit the witchy theme of the event.

As a memento of the event, guests will receive a gift bag filled with items related to the witchy theme, such as crystals, candles, or other magical trinkets.

The Wicked High Tea is a highly anticipated event that will bring together like-minded individuals for an afternoon of fun, creativity, and magic. Julie's Cauldron is thrilled to be hosting this event again after a break caused by the pandemic, and attendees can expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere in which to celebrate their love of all things witchy.

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If These sell out quickly, we will add another date to each month. Thank you!