Spring Workshop Social Classes

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This list will be added to as the next couple weeks go by. Here are the workshop classes offered at this year's Spring Workshop Social:

130pm Foraging class with Juelz

Join Juelz Cullen for a foraging workshop where you'll harvest local spell ingredients while exploring the area. Juelz will guide you through the property and help you identify different plants and herbs that are safe and beneficial for foraging, and explain how they can be used in spells. The workshop costs $20 per person and is suitable for both beginners and experienced foragers. 

230 pm Flowering moon bath with Michele Cullen 

Learn how to make a Flowering Moon bath with Michele Cullen in this workshop for just $20 per person. Michele will guide you through the process of creating a magical and relaxing bath using intention filled ingredients that promote healing and relaxation. You'll get to make your own Flowering Moon bath and take some home with you to enjoy.

4pm Harnessing Witchcraft with Jeff Cullen

5pm Cursing with Allan Spiers