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    Lughnasadh Festival

    Aug 29th 2020


    6749 North Manlius Road

    Kirkville NY 13082

    Children 3 and under are free

    Workshops, Food, Celebrations, & Fun! Come celebrate the abundance of the Earth here at Julie's Cauldron. We will be having a bonfire, light snacks, activities for kids, vendors and of course a general celebration of the Lughnasadh festivities! This is a kid friendly event!! It is a completely outdoor event, so dress accordingly. There will be a porta-potty onsite for a restroom. You can park in the lawn, you will see when you get here where to go. We will be putting up "Caution" tape as boundaries where people are not allowed to wander off into, please respect those lines! Keep an eye on your children at all times please.

    This event is pretty exciting! We know that you will leave this festival feeling refreshed and having an extremely positive flow of energy. We cannot wait!!


    **Corn Husk Doll Making- Create a doll inspired by the Grain Goddess. You can save the doll for next Imbolc. It can be planted with the spring corn!

    **DIY Lughnasadh Incense-We provide the herbs and walk you through how to make your own Lughnasadh loose blended incense. You can use it at home during your own ritual.

    **Plant a Fairy Garden-Help us and the environment by planting some animal/bee friendly flowers. Help decorate it with fun accessories we provide! Play in the dirt! We will update everyone with the growth of the plants on facebook!

    **Prosperity Spells-Great spells to do for Lughnasadh involve prosperity. This workshop will give you some ways to bring prosperity to you. We will talk about reflective Meditation and Manifesting.

    **Enjoy fun games and activities to do while transitioning between workshops. We will have light snacks and refreshments. Feel free to pack a picnic! 

    We will have a Lughnasadh ritual for you all this year! I see you shiver with antici...........pation. <3  

    Light Snacks and Refreshments Provided

    No Alcohol

    Kid Friendly

    You may pack a picnic and bring some chairs to sit at the fire!

    Do Not Duplicate Tickets

    You will receive a confirmation email before the event-You will need your ticket number included in the email.