• Julie's Cauldron Conjure Spray


    Use these sprays in the air in the space in which you wish to manifest your intention. Choose from six formulas:
    Inspire Me Conjure Spray-Helps when you are stuck in the creative department, Or if you have a brainstorming session with multiple people, you can spray it in the room that will happen in.
    Protection Conjure Spray-Use this anytime you need that force field of protection around you.
    Dragon's Blood Conjure Spray: After studying what was on the market, my Dragon's Blood Conjure Spray is more potent, more pure, and offers superior fragrance and spiritual power! Spray around your ritual space to boost the energies. This has real dragon's blood resin. 
    Money Conjure Spray-Use anywhere you may need a money boost, whether it be in your place of business or at a craft show, this is great to increase monies. 
    Love Me Conjure Spray- Use when self love is needed, when your treating your bed, when you are doing jobs such as modelling. 
    Stop the Drama Conjure Spray- Promote calm and peace with this spray.