• Elemental Braided Handfasting/Altar Cords-Earth-Air-Fire-Water**Sold Separately*

    $20.00 $15.00

    These are a new style handfasting cord for Sims Homestead. They are a beautiful way to celebrate your love, with your elemental signs. Each cord is 3 different colors of yarn braided together. On each end, there are hand made elemental sign charms. I first painted the symbols, then scaled them down to make the charms, and added text. The pictures are set in wire wrapped resin. Each cord's colors correspond with the specific element. The cords measure roughly 5 1/2 feet long. You can use these for handfasting cords or can be placed on your altar.

    **Please make sure you add a note to seller, which cord(s) you are choosing. I made four available so you can buy multiple cords at a time. Thanks!**

    As with all of our exclusive cords, these have been smudged with sage to cleanse.

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